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I've been mulling this idea over for quite a while but i want members take on this idea: group themes for pics? I know as every artist is always looking for ideas for their pics so how about this, members submit their ideas for picture themes on this journal and the best 5 out of them will be chosen and posted in the next journal. You all can choose to make a picture based off of one of those themes or not. So tell me what all you think about this and if it gains traction I might make this a regular thing for the group.
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on january 2012, GIANT-PONIES was created by user NextINenxus14. but his account was then deactivated and the group was shut down. now the new re-encarnation Nexus-Del-Morte returns to start this group up again. rather than it being specifically ponies, it allows any MLP character regardless of who it is. Giant pony is best pony
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Aug 15, 2012


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Fan Club

178 Members
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1) the group you submit your work to should be based on the pony that is enlarged in the image or text. (eg applejack will go in the applejack folder)

2) anthro and humanised ponies are always welcome on the group

3) dragons and naga ponies will be allowed into the group as long as there is a noticeable size difference compared to surroundings or other characters

4) giant robots will NOT be allowed on the group as it doesn't really count as it is not real

5)non pony characters will go under the other canon characters group as long as they are actually in the show.

6) NO fart fetish pictures under ANY circumstances.

if you have any questions about something related to the group. either note the group or talk to :iconnexus-del-morte: on his page.

and remember. bigger is always better










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The FiMFiction group is organizing a RP, come on down:…
I love this group I joined a few weeks ago
FluttershyIsMagic Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This group's icon is just so perfect and fitting! I love it so much, Fluttershy is just so cute! :iconfluttershyplz:
Hehe, this group looks like fun
trust me, it is!Caramel dansen emote 
I wish they'd accept my submission soon though, its been like 3 days ^^;
RapidStrike Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why can't I submit anything to the featured folder?
I thinks its only for admins cause it takes 3 votes for yes or no and i think i might be the only active admin on here, Its best to submit your stuff to the appropriate folders so they're guaranteed to get in
RapidStrike Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried that as well; it doesn't get submitted. Perhaps check the privileges for contributors?
odd, I'll have a look at it in the morning and see if anythings been changed thats not supposed to have been changed
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